19-27 November 2016 NEC
The UK's Largest Motorcycle Show

Get On – the first step from pillion to licence holder.

Have you always stuck to riding pillion, but wondered what it was like to be the one up front making all the decisions?  Then it’s time to take the next step with Get On at this year’s Motorcycle Live.

Every day during the show – Get On will be offering free 20 minute motorcycle lessons with a professional instructor and provide protective clothing too.  All you need to do is make sure you are wearing sturdy footwear and long trousers.

You’ll be introduced to the brakes, gears and slow speed handling, which will give you the chance to work out if you want to take your training further. This is highly likely, since over 97% of the 4000 Get On riders who answered a survey about their experience said they enjoyed it.

Get On is open to anyone aged 14 or over and is absolutely free, though obviously you need to buy a ticket to Motorcycle Live (check out advanced ticket deals here.)  You can book your free ride beforehand via the Get On website www.geton.co.uk or if you prefer to book by phone, then call 02476 408040.

You can also turn up on the day and if you decide to do this, make sure you go across to book your slot as soon as you arrive at the show.

Get On is equally suitable for someone who’s thinking of returning to riding, or for complete beginners. Check out the website for more details www.geton.co.uk