We’re Scottoiler – the motorcycle chain oiler specialists. We’ve been saving riders all over time, money and hassle for over 40 years now – as well as extending chain life by average 3.5 times for our customers. Enter below for the chance to win one of our award-winning chain oilers or complete bike protectors – No Hassle, Just Ride!

We will draw three lucky winners  – with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes detailed below:


1st Prize) – The Scottoiler xSystem 2.0 is the easiest Scottoiler kit to install and the most user friendly chain oiler yet. The xSystem 2.0 is the second generation of this most popular Scottoiler kit and includes an increased range of flow rates, with more low range moderation. The Scorpion Dual Injector allows for more precise chain oiling, lubricating both sides of your chain. The range extender Traveller Expansion Bag enabling you to ride for longer without an oil top up! RRP Total £337


2nd Prize) – The Scottoiler vSystem Universal Edition is a vacuum-operated chain oiler which automatically lubes your chain as you ride. Ride with the easy-install vSystem, knowing that you’ll avoid the constant hassle of stopping to lubricate a worn chain. As well as this, you’ll maximise chain life by (on average) three and a half times, and reduce repair costs! RRP Total £140




3rd Prize) FS 365 is our award winning complete bike protector – celebrating 20 years of protection this year! FS 365 uses water as it’s carrier to get it into all the difficult to reach nooks and crannies of your bike. This then evaporates, leaving a film of protection on all surfaces. FS 365 can be applied all over the bike and it is safe to use on all materials, making it easy to apply. RRP Total £46



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