4-12 December 2021
NEC Birmingham

Established in the UK in 1885, Avon manufactures tyres for a variety of cars, motorcycles and vans. Over the years, Avon has not only proven itself on the road, but also on race tracks around the world – on two wheels as well as four.

Avon Tyres is proud to serve as an Original Equipment supplier to respected motorcycle manufacturers such as Royal Enfield, Triumph Motorcycles and KTM. Recent fitments include Triumph selecting Avon’s Cobra Chrome for its eagerly-anticipated high performance muscle roadster, the Rocket 3.

Avon’s current motorcycle range spans all segments: track and hypersport; touring, cruiser and custom; adventure; and classic. Arriving for 2020 are a trio of high performance motorcycle tyres: the road-focused 3D Ultra Evo hypersport and the track-focused 3D ULTRA XTREME SLICK and XTREME RAIN RACER. In addition, a new-and-improved Roadrider MKII has been added to its sport touring line-up.

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