4-12 December 2021
NEC Birmingham

If you’re anything like the average rider, your kit just seems to keep growing! And finding somewhere round the house to put it all can end up in a heated exchange of words in the household! That’s why BikerTidy have not only designed different size storage racks that are purposely designed for all your bike it, they have even thought about keeping your carpet dry when you’ve returned from the wettest ride out ever! You can purchase as many drip trays as you like to put underneath your kit or surrounding area, but they also fit perfectly on the shelves so you could use it as a storage tray too! BikerTidy racks are built to last, come with heavy duty Jacket, Full suit and Trouser hangers, glove baskets and mesh shelves to airdry your helmets. Standard colour is black but a whole range of colours are available at www.bikertidy.com so you can match it with your room décor, making peace and harmony in the household!

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