17-25 November 2018 NEC
The UK's Biggest Motorcycle Show


We believe that motorcycle racing should be fun, not just the track-time part of it, but the whole event.

Right from the moment you arrive at the circuit, we want you to feel as though you are an important part of something special. Our staff will welcome you and do their best to make your weekends as enjoyable as possible. That said, we treat the business of organising our events very seriously.

Thundersport classes all have grid positions set by timed qualifying to ensure that the starting grid is set out as safely as possible. Every class has an absolute minimum of 15 minutes real track time before the races, which themselves are of a suitable length to be described as “races” rather than “sprints”.

We understand the sacrifices people have to make to finance their racing and our entry system reflects real peoples cash flow issues. Any rider committed to a Thundersport championship need not worry that his/her grid space will be sold to a “one event” rider, as we prioritise those that are contesting every round regardless of whether their funds have cleared by the closing date or not.

In just ten years we have built a reputation for top quality events, on a mix of the best circuits spread evenly across the country, with excellent track-time, TV and magazine exposure and an unrivalled progressive outlook that caters for riders of all levels who want to improve their skills whilst enjoying the experience.

If you want to know more or ask us questions direct, just come and see us for an informal chat.


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