18-26 November 2017 NEC
The UK's Biggest Motorcycle Show

Straight back from biking solo Machynlleth to Mongolia, back from the infamous Gobi Desert, Nick has formed his latest idea for Motorcycle Live – “Sit with Nick.” Chat with Nick Sanders but in his Living Room, transported piece by piece, book by book, faithfully reproduced all the way from his home in Wales. Sit on his sofa, watch his tele, just natter with him informally as if you’d gone round to his house for a cuppa, and it’s possible there will be a free cup of tea if you stay long enough.

His books and films will be on sale but also tickets for his festival MACH – The Motorcycle & Music Festival, only £68. The 2018 festival is going to be so unique with riders from all over Europe coming over for the party. It’s small and cute so you’ll get to know everyone there personally and make friends for life. And if you like very different independent bands along with contemporary folk and talent you’ve never heard of, then this unique festival is for you. You kind of become part of a special club. Extras include guest speakers reading extracts from their latest adventure books, table top musicians, a caricaturist, 2 mass ride-outs and everyone goes away with £68’s worth of free books and films. www.nicksanders.com

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