16-24 November 2019 NEC
The UK's Biggest Motorcycle Show

Introducing the most innovative, exciting and unique products for motorcycles. An exciting new brand from SABE Industry Group in the south of France.

SABE who are perhaps better known for their expertise in automotive cleaning products and particularly their speciality in ‘all-in-one’ wipes, set out on a journey to disrupt the market and serve the community like no other brand. Unlimited Passion was born.

This year they have some incredible products for you:

THUNDERBOLT – All-in-one wipes for cleaning & protection…No water or equipment required. A concept they reverse engineered and redesigned considering the latest developments in automotive manufacturing, particularly paints and plastics AND important customer feedback. The result? The most advanced all-in-one cleaning and protection product available on the planet. You will see it degrease, remove bugs & tar spots, clean, polish and protect in one! The ‘nano-coating’ it deposits has an outstanding finish on matte and gloss surfaces and keeps the machine cleaner for longer.

Voted Number 1 by major publications in its home country of France and Amazon’s choice for consumers, THUNDERBOLT has disrupted the market in a very short time.

ULTIMATE another unique product that is an active cleaning foam for the hard to clean, and hard to reach areas of a motorcycle. It’s silicon free, it can be used with or without water and on finish, repels future filth.

RED EFFECT, the complete wheel cleaning solution with colour indicating ‘fallout remover’ and a powerful detergent making it the most advanced product of its kind on the market.

ADDICT, their waterless cleaning & protection spray. Degrease, remove bugs, clean, polish and protect all surfaces. Leaving surfaces ‘like-new’ ADDICT is sure to impress. Like all other products in the range, it works on matte and shiny surfaces and deposits a protective coating too.

UNGREASE, a true degreaser that literally makes grease fall off. Completely safe to use an all chain components, UNGREASE is so good the results could bring an onion to tears. There’s not a lot more to say about it, apart from… WOW



Pay them a visit in HALL 4. You’ll regret it if you don’t!!

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