4-12 December 2021
NEC Birmingham

BASED in the heart of south-west England, Weise has been quietly getting on with making life easier, safer and more comfortable for all sorts of motorcyclists.

Whether you’re a daily urban commuter, a summer Sunday fun rider, a long-distance commuter, or even a multiple TT-winning road racer, like Peter Hickman, Weise makes the perfect kit for your needs.

Several factors are involved in the winning Weise formula.

Most importantly, the designers and product engineers are motorcyclists, and are immersed in the rich biking culture of the UK. Their experience is hard-won, involving multitudes of miles in the saddle whilst analysing the fit and performance of products such as a glove, and details like the sleeve of a jacket or a trouser’s waistband.

The brains behind Weise kit come from the region’s time-honoured tradition of engineering and design.

The firm’s head office is based in Bristol, the home of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s famed engineering feat, the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The aviation industry in the city was born over a century ago, and in recent decades, Bristol has become a centre for technical excellence in the aerospace and other industries, meaning Weise shares its talent pool with some of the biggest names in the aviation and technology sectors.

This unique combination of real-world riding with engineering and design heritage gives Weise a huge advantage in this cutting-edge market. Meanwhile, partnerships with world-class textile brands such as Cordura and Outlast put Weise kit at the forefront of protection and comfort technology.





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