Motorcycle Live 2019

The UK's Biggest Motorcycle Show

21-29 November 2020
NEC Birmingham

Showing on the Blackhorse Stage at 4pm on Saturday 23rd November

Inside the mind of a superbike racer – what makes these young men risk their lives for the thrill of speed? Spectacular footage, unbelievable crashes, racing psychology and modern surgery, ‘Speed is my need’ offers an intimate look inside the world of racing superbikes.

Featuring interviews with USA racing legends ‘Fast’ Freddie Spencer and Colin ‘Texas Tornado’ Edwards as well as Rick Broadbent of The Times, ‘Rocket’ Ron Haslam and his son British Champion Leon Haslam. All-time fastest TT winner, Peter ‘Hicky’ Hickman features in the film as well as ex-British champions James Whitham and Shakey Byrne.