4-12 December 2021
NEC Birmingham

Helite UK has chosen Motorcycle Live Online as the platform to launch three exciting new products to its range for racers and road riders in the UK. They are also offering ‘visitors’ the chance to organise one-to-one zoom calls with the brand’s product specialists. 

Book a one-to-one appointment with a Helite Product specialist by emailing lee@heliteuk.co.uk or call 07894 538756 – you can choose from a phone call, live zoom call or organise a date to see the mobile shop. 

Helite is also offering Motorcycle Live ‘visitors’ who buy Helite products during the show (21.11.20-29.11.20) a 10% discount by using the following code: ‘MCLIVE10’. 

e-GP Air 

Designed especially for the race track and to suit the extreme requirements needed by track day fans and racers, the e-GP is 100% autonomous airbag vest – suitable for both men and women – which can be worn over any brand of leathers and provides ultra-fast detection and protection of vulnerable areas in the event of an accident.  

Based on the mechanical GP Air which has already protected many racers on European and World circuits, the e-GP Air features an airbag between 17-litres and 28-litres, has a neck brace supported by back cushions, offers protection of the back and thorax and can be reactivated by the rider themselves in a few minutes by replacing the CO2 refill. It also features chest protection as well as an integrated back protector. 

Available in six sizes – S-XXL) it retails at  £750 – with CO2 refills priced at £55. 


The e-Turtle has been designed for road riders looking for increased protection in the event of an accident and has been based on Helite’s bestseller and original product, the Turtle 2 https://www.airvest.co.uk/product/helite-turtle-2-air-vest/– but now with electronic sensors. 

In both the e-Turtle and e-GP Air, the airbag is located under a back protector for further protection of the wearer by reducing the risk of intrusion and providing increased energy absorption so less is transferred to the wearer’s body. 

It can be worn over any motorcycle jacket and is available in seven sizes – XS-XLL. With two colours to choose from, the e-Turtle is priced from £625 in black to £675 in high-viz yellow. CO2 refills are priced from £55. 

For more information on the e-Turtle, click here

How do they work? 

The electronic airbag system by Helite contains up to two on board-sensors that analyze the situation in real-time. When a fall or accident is detected the vest inflates automatically. One sensor is integrated into the vest (CDU) – and comes included with the above products – and follows the motion of the motorcyclist, there is also the option to place a sensor on the fork of the motorcycle which can detect impacts on the motorcycle – this is available to be purchased separately for £125.

There is no subscription required for the use of the electronic sensors and updates will be free of charge.

Airbag Backpack 

For those riders who want two products in one – then the airbag backpack offers exactly that! The backpack can either contain a mechanical or electric version of the airbag and features a padded back panel for comfort and ventilation due to air-mesh fabric. It’s highly adjustable so that it can fit over any motorcycle garment and features an inbuilt back protector.

The Airbag Backpack will be available from 1 April 2021 and priced at £525 with a lanyard or Electronic (as pictured above) at £625.

For more information on any of the Helite products, visit www.airvest.co.uk.