18-26 November 2017 NEC
The UK's Biggest Motorcycle Show

The Evoke Urban S and Classic zero-emission motorcycles are due to launch in the UK in Spring 2018.  The Evoke range represents the ultimate solution for the urban and extra-urban commuter and biker, featuring 124 miles of pure electric enjoyment and the quickest learner-legal bike, petrol or electric.

The Evoke range has been developed to bring together the best features that only an electric bike can provide.  Hub motors cut down on maintenance and provide 19kW peak power off the line – while the 11kW rated continuous power makes the bike legal to ride on a CBT even with 0-60mph time of around 6 seconds, leaving 125cc bikes in the dust.  Maximum speed is 81mph.

The smart display offers built-in navigation and seamless integration with smart devices.  No more bolt-on phone mounts or trailing wires.

The battery pack is good for 124 miles at urban speeds or 75 miles at highway speeds and uses high-quality, ultra-reliable Samsung SDI 18650 cells.  Charging is either from a normal household plug, or for a faster, 4-hour charge there is a built-in J1772 plug plus adapter.

The Evoke is assembled at Foxconn, to US DOT and European CE standards, will be fully EU type approved on launch and will qualify for the OLEV grant of up to £1,500 off the purchase price of the bike.

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