Langen Motorcycles has been created to fulfil the wishes of owner and founder Christofer Ratcliffe to bring a road-legal 250cc two-stroke back to the roads of the UK.

Chris spent 10 years working at CCM as Chief Designer but set out on a new challenge and the Langen Two Stroke model was his first solo project.

The Langen Two Stroke is a 249cc, V-twin which favours simplicity over complexity, pure riding fun over all else, yet manages to combine stunning looks, bespoke engineering, and craftsmanship of the highest order.

Built to include only the essentials, the 250cc engine produces 75bhp and combined with an overall weight of just 114kg, performance is startling.

A limited run of just 100 motorcycles is going to be built with a healthy order book already built up since the bike was revealed for the first time in 2020.

Months of hard work have left the bike on the brink of production with the Langen team poised to start building the first customer bikes.

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