4-12 December 2021
NEC Birmingham
Covid Safe

Lexmoto is the UK’s industry leader in learner legal motorcycles and scooters offering a wide range of styles to suit commuters and weekend riders a-like.
Accessibility into the world of two wheels is what we’re all about and we firmly believe that everyone should be able to ride; whatever their age or ability. Not only this, but everyone should be able to afford to ride, and benefit from the exceptional fuel economy and running costs that our machines provide. Above all, everyone should love riding their bikes. It is with this passion that Lexmoto was formed in 2007, and these ethos’s have been at the core of our company ever since.

We now have over 150 dealers nationwide, all providing top quality customer care and servicing for our entire range, all backed up by our UK based parts warehouse – cmpoparts.com
The LXR has been the flagship model at the forefront of the Lexmoto line-up and has consistently won the highest registered road sport motorcycle in the UK, across all capacities. For some riding is just a means of getting from A to B, but if you’re lucky enough a spark will ignite a passion for motorcycling that lasts a lifetime; and that is what the LXR is known for.

To find out more about our diverse range head to www.lexmoto.co.uk

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