18-26 November 2017 NEC
The UK's Biggest Motorcycle Show

Quadro Vehicles UK is a subsidiary of the Swiss company, Quadro Vehicles S.A., renowned for designing and developing unique 3-wheel and 4-wheel tilting vehicles. Utilising its patented and revolutionary HTS Hydraulic Tilting System, which guarantees fluid, precise, smooth and stable riding even over the worst road conditions, with white lines, manhole covers and kerbs no longer a problem.

On display will be the world first Quadro4, the one and only maxi-scooter with four independently tilting wheels, made for contemporary urban mobility. Safe and comfortable commuting all year round, the Quadro4 is classed as a tricycle, due to its back wheels being less than 460mm apart. Quadro4 is able to offer riding stability even in the worst weather conditions, such as rain, snow and ice.

The Quadro3 offers traffic-busting riding, with the third wheel offering more stability than traditional two-wheeled motorcycles, but still able to filter through traffic queues with ease.

For the first time we will display our new Quadro4 Steinbock, adventure bike, made for more extreme riding. The Steinbock is powered by a centrally mounted 350cc single-cylinder engine with dual countershaft. The bike arrives kitted with LED lights, skid plate, hand & leg protection, bull bar, headlight protection grid, adjustable windscreen with navigation holder and 42 litre aluminium top case.

Quadro vehicles can be ridden on a car licence obtained before 19 January 2013, or on an A motorcycle licence.

Visit our stand and collect details on where you can test ride the Quadro4

Quadro – offering pure safety – pure fun!

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