18-26 November 2017 NEC
The UK's Biggest Motorcycle Show

Super Soco represents the future of urban mobility: effortless, cheap and fun electric commuting.

At only £2,349*, the TS1200R is a perfect second bike – why put miles and dirt on your pride and joy when the Super Soco can get you to work at a fraction of the cost in terms of fuel, tyres, pads and depreciation? Electricity is one tenth the cost of petrol – at current prices an average commute is just 18p!

The Super Soco is a result of a $15m crowdfunding campaign which resulted in a quick, nimble, light bike perfectly suited for getting through traffic. The styling and finish really stand out amongst the crowd and performance off the line is more than a match for equivalent petrol bikes.

High quality components including Bosch motors lead to increased reliability compared to petrol mopeds, while the removable batteries and easy charging from standard plug sockets make the Super Soco a real alternative to traditional bikes.

The bikes are learner-legal and can be ridden with a car driving licence for those who passed prior to 2001. Reviewers have been raving about the Super Soco since its launch in May 2017:

“The Super Soco was a fun bike to ride. Its acceleration was impressive, its range handled my 25 mile round trip, and the removable battery makes it easy to charge” Jon Porter, Tech Radar

“After spending the better part of a day navigating my way around London’s nadgery back roads I was impressed with the Super Soco” Liam Marsden,Motorcycle News

“You’ll struggle to find a more affordable form of short-distance motorised commuting than this. Would I buy one? Yes, I would.” Rob Hull, Daily Mail

“I would get one and I would ride it everywhere I went, saving the planet” Steve Hogarty, City AM

*includes government grant from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles of 20% purchase price, excludes registration fee of £55

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