TiSTO Electric Mopeds & Motorcycles

TISTO was founded to provide everyone with environmentally friendly, intelligent, high-quality with high-performance electric motorcycles and scooters.

After starting as a production partner to retailers, TISTO is now establishing itself with its own brand. From its headquarters in Freiburg, Germany the team are continuing to innovate a bring high quality motorcycles to the market.

TiSTO’s founder Timo Wehrle gained his experience from working in leading positions for Mercedes, Volkswagen, and BMW. TISTO deliberately sets significantly higher standards for its own products and brings new technology such as ABS braking to electric mopeds.

“In order to take alternative mobility concepts a step forward, everyone must have the opportunity in the future to acquire this technology”, says Timo Wehrle. “We need to move electric mobility out of the niche segment towards a sustainable future for everyone.”

TiSTO has a range of mopeds and motorcycles from retro style to high quality delivery vehicles. There is something for everyone from those starting on the electric journey to those wanting something with a little more speed.

With removable batteries that can be charged at work or home with a standard charger TiSTO provides a cost-effective green alternative.

Launching in the UK through its partner 123NetZero Limited, TiSTO UK is looking forward to welcoming you all to the Motorcycle Live show 2021.

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