18-26 November 2017 NEC
The UK's Biggest Motorcycle Show

Vmoto is aiming to change the way our nation’s food and shopping is delivered, forever.  Our flagship electric motorbike, the 120LD+, is used by fleets and riders around the globe, and can save last-mile delivery businesses £thousands on petrol, oil and maintenance.

The bike has been tested over the course of a year with the most demanding UK delivery fleets and we have talked with over 500 riders to get the bike right.  Developed to be tough and ultra-reliable, the 120LD+ has a range of 90+ miles and a carrying capacity of over 150kg (including rider).

The bikes are available on lease packages at a cost which makes petrol bikes look incredibly expensive in comparison.  We’ve taken all the risk and guesswork out of the equation for fleet managers, by incorporating flexible terms, an innovative insurance solution and regular maintenance supplied on-site.

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