Motorcycle Live in association with Bikesure Insurance will play host to the UK Debut of the brand-new Maeving RM1S model recently unveiled by the British electric motorcycle manufacturer.

The new RM1S will be available to be seen on the Maeving stand at Motorcycle Live – Hall 2 Stand 2D25 – throughout the course of the nine-day show between 18-26 November.

With a new headline speed of 65mph top speed, an 80 mile range, a 7kW motor with 10.5kW peak and two new 6 kWh removeable batteries with a 30% increase in capacity over the existing RM1 model, the RM1S sets a new milestone for the brand. It features a new and upgraded Maeving hub motor for ‘near silent’ running according to Maeving and can be ridden with just a CBT.

Maeving Co-founder Will Stirrup said: “The RM1S is the bike we have been asked over and over to build by those riders who want a zero-emissions motorcycle that looks like an RM1 but is capable of highway speeds. We’ve worked extremely hard to ensure that everything that has made the RM1 so popular with our customers is carried over to the new RM1S, whilst delivering the greater performance that will mean it can be used in a much wider variety of use cases.

“The original Maeving RM1 has been a huge success for us and, for many riders who stay within inner city limits, it will remain the perfect motorcycle. Adding the RM1S to the collection provides an electric motorcycle for those that need to cover wider geographies at higher speeds.

“It’s an overused phrase, but we truly believe this is a game-changer: an EV that you can purchase for less than the cost of a monthly Oyster card, that can be used for the vast majority of one’s travel needs, with all the joy and convenience that motorcycling brings. We’re incredibly proud of it.”

Let’s go… be one of the first to see the new Maeving RM1S at Motorcycle Live…