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Some of us love cleaning our bikes, and others don’t! At Vulcanet we believe that, regardless of what bike you ride, cleaning your bike should be fast, easy and hassle-free.

If you have the luxury of a hose pipe, dragging it out along with all the bottles, potions, cloths and brushes take 5-10 minutes. Then running the hot tap, filling the bucket, hosing the bike down, and covering it in suds not only gets you soaked but also means you have to dry the bike with a cold and wet cloth or leather afterwards.

Most of the time the bike looks great after this, but then you realise that all the plastics will need treating. If you really want to do the bike justice, she’ll want a polish. If you’re like us, then you might as well apply a layer of wax to the paint and wheels. Just before you get to sit back and enjoy your hard work – you’ve got wet feet, cold hands and when you check the time you’ve realised that over an hour has passed. That’s before you’ve even put her away!

Can you believe that there is a faster, easier and more affordable alternative?

Step 1: Leave the bike where it is

Step 2: Open your Vulcanet Tub and remove a white cloth

Step 3: Wipe the bike down from the cleanest to the dirtiest part (that’s right, the whole bike). Use a fresh wipe as required saving the dirty one for the chain.

Step 4: Whilst the Vulcanet solution is curing, use C9 to sanitise your helmet, gloves, boots.

Step 5: Use the Vulcanet Technical M420 Microfibre to buff the paint, metals and plastics.

Step 6: Enjoy that cuppa (or beer) knowing that you’ve spared 30 minutes

WARNING: There is no need for buckets, water, sponges, multiple potions and soaked feet. You can do this anywhere! In the garden, in the garage, on the street, at a bike show, on a track day and even whilst you’re touring Britain’s or Europe’s finest roads! In the time that you could have taken out your hose pipe, bottles, potions and prepared for cleaning, with Vulcanet you could be finished with cleaning your bike altogether.




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