Motorcycle Live 2019

The UK's Biggest Motorcycle Show

21-29 November 2020
NEC Birmingham

12.00pm on the
Black Horse Stage


New for 2019 – R & G present the Wheel Change Challenge. Sounds easy? You’ll be ably assisted by Steve Parrish – which could either help or hinder your progress!

All participants will leave with a small prize, and with the winner each day will receive a larger prize – have a look at what you could win!!

  • All Participants – Gift Pack containing R&G Cap, WD40 Motorcycle Specialist 400ml Chain Lube , WD40 Motorcycle Specialist 100ml Chain Cleaner, R&G Key Ring
  • Spot Prizes R&G Brolly
  • Daily Winner – R&G Rucksack RRP £44.99 plus a £50 voucher when they spend £100 at the R&G stand during the show









If you think this is a game for you – speak to one of the Blackhorse promotional team to get yourself signed up!