4-12 December 2021
NEC Birmingham
Covid Safe

Maeving are a British maker of electric motorcycles.

Our bikes are classically styled and practical machines that channel the best of British motorcycle design heritage into a new type of electric vehicle. Faster and safer than e-bikes or e-scooters, they are made for you, for the city, and for the planet.

Maeving’s bikes feature removable batteries that you can charge from any UK plug socket, making it easy to ‘re-fuel’ and bringing an end to range anxiety. We’re making a future where your electric motorcycle is charged at your desk at work, not in your garage.

We provide an end-to-end experience through www.maeving.com, ensuring that our customers get the best from their bikes by buying direct from us, the makers. We deliver to you for free, and service your bike at your door, making the buying and owning experience fuss-free. No dealer networks, no nonsense.

Our motorcycles allow our customers to achieve zero-emission personal transport and have the potential to radically transform our cities, making them cleaner, quieter, and healthier.

And finally, they’re priced to save the world too – because they need to make sense to make a difference.

We Are Maeving. We Make Progress.






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