The BikerTek stand has an exciting new star of the show.

See our custom-built performance parts for bikers as you’ve never seen them before. If you’re a previous visitor, this new display stop you in your tracks. Manufactured to the highest standard, using high-grade titanium, these lightweight parts are built to last.

BikerTek parts can help with speed control, improve cornering, encourage safer overtaking, and help reduce rider fatigue. High-grade chromium universal ball joint. Difficult to fit, but hugely beneficial to rider balance and cornering ability. Fully adjustable upper foot peg. Improve gear change accuracy, and dramatically reduce wear rate. Fixing plate with alloy self-tapping screws. Designed to help throttle and lever control. Billet cut screw-fit subframe rebuild kit. Custom made to the rider specifications.

Helps with posture and comfort in the saddle. And many more.

Our team members are happy to help and suggest which high-grade bespoke biker parts can most benefit your riding experience. Come visit our store to find out more.

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