Datatag has been synonymous with motorcycle security for over 30 years offering state of the art security marking technologies to bikers across the UK and abroad.

Their systems include both covert and overt identification technologies to help deter theft in the first instance and aid police in recovery should the worst happen.

Datatag are the preferred security marking solutions in many markets not just motorcycle and their systems now feature all new Ultra High Frequency RFiD transponders with far greater read range for the most up to date protection for your machine.

Many bikes sold over the past 10 years come with the MASTER Scheme and its Datatag technologies fitted as standard, now as part of MCIA Secured.

If your bike doesn’t have Datatag fitted then come along to the stand to have a chat to the team who can talk you through the benefits of the system and will be offering special show deals.

As important as fitting a Datatag system to help deter theft, is making sure your details are up to date with Datatag if fitted and re-registering a system in your name if you’ve bought an already protected second hand bike – just talk to a member of the team who can check your bike at the show and take advantage of the show Re-Reg offer if it isn’t.