Motorcycle Live 2019

The UK's Biggest Motorcycle Show

21-29 November 2020
NEC Birmingham

Sidecars are back in the limelight, thanks to a new generation of custom bike builders embracing outfits and a surge in demand for retro-styled motorcycles.

Watsonian began making sidecars in 1912 and reached a peak in popularity during the 1950s, spurred on by five world championships, racing with Norton. Tastes change over time but Watsonian continue to manufacture sidecars in the Heart of England, using traditional skills and expertise developed from a century of experience.

Many of the designs in the current range can be traced back to the 1960s, or earlier, so they have a truly authentic classic style. Sidecar bodies are now made from durable and easy to maintain glass fibre, rather than being coach-built from wood or metal, either with a high gloss gel coat or custom painted to colour match the bike. Suspension is also updated, with progressive springs and rebound damping to provide a smoother ride for driver and passenger.

Watsonian produce a range of sidecars, from lightweight single seater designs suitable for a scooter or small capacity motorcycle, to more substantial models, for touring with passenger and luggage. Platform chassis, for carrying a tradesman’s box, bicycle or surfboard, can be made to order too.

With more than 100 years’ experience, Watsonian can supply fitting kits for a variety of modern and classic machines and their experienced workshop team provides a factory-fitting service, to ensure that the outfit is perfectly set up.

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