16-24 November 2019 NEC
The UK's Biggest Motorcycle Show

Sole Mates insoles ‘float the foot’ on a cushion of glycerine that displaces to spread your weight more evenly across the whole foot.

Because it has no shape the fluid moulds to the shape of the foot, lifting and supporting the arch, helping to relieve pressure on the ball and heel of the foot.

The support to the arch provides instant relief for plantar fasciitis and fallen arches for the majority of people, this support helps to reduce lower back pain as it tilts you back to make you stand straighter. The fluid also acts as a shock absorber in the shoe, absorbing the impact on the heel and ball of the foot as you walk, pushing the fluid back and forward across the sole of the foot, continually massaging the foot and boosting circulation to legs and feet, reducing wear and tear on the ankles, knees and hips.

Because they contain a fluid they don’t flatten or wear out and are extremely thin, which enable them to be worn in all types of footwear and yet provide maximum support for the wearer – particularly for people wearing safety/motorcycle boots or those who have to stand or walk for long periods of time.

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